Boosting Energy With Soul Food

We are all busy. When we get caught up in the "business" of life, things can get hectic. The mind chatter overwhelms us and we can't seem to find the time to do what matters most. Self-care is what matter's most. If you don't take the time to recharge and renew your body, mind and spirit, you will feel drained. When we want to get someplace, we have several ways to get there. We can take planes, trains and automobiles and the one thing that they all have in common is that they require a specific kind of fuel. Fuel is the catalyst for motion. When we don't have the right fuel to move us forward in our lives, we don't move. We are stuck. We become tired, uneasy, and scattered because our batteries are drained. We need to recharge.

Increasing self-care is one of the best ways to improve your recharge your energy level. When you do things that you are passionate about, it fuels your soul. When you allow yourself to take a break and relax, you feel refreshed and have all the energy to take on the world.

Here are some ideas to nourish you soul:

1. Get access to clean, fresh air everyday

2. Make time for exercise/movement

3. Take time to cultivate your meaningful relationships

4. Work on developing a fulfilling career

5. Schedule time for rest and relaxation

6. Develop a spiritual practice

One thing that I have learned to so is make list of all of the things that I can do to recharge and reboot myself. I call this a "nourishment menu." I challenge you to create a “nourishment menu” for yourself. When you feel like you need a boost, take the list out and do one of the things that fuels your soul.

Some ideas: taking a walk in nature, calling your loved ones, doing yoga or stretching exercises, taking your dog out for a walk, taking a walk with a friend to catch up, or working on a hobby. Take a moment to incorporate deep breathing. Drink a fresh glass of water. Take a bath. Listen to your favorite music and dance. Read that book that's been on your book list.

Give yourself permission to to make your self-care a priority and notice how you feel. Do one thing daily on your list and protect the time by scheduling it in your calendar. Do it. Grab a piece of paper and start your list today.

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